At Willow Marketing, we’re specialists. We specialize in bringing your vision into focus—in a wholly authentic way. As a full-service marketing firm in Indianapolis, we treat our clients to a balanced diet of well-considered strategy, impactful creative executions and measurable results. We do it with openness, honesty and friendship.

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been around for over two decades, but we’re even prouder that we’re still working every day to improve our craft. Over the years, we’ve learned to listen to our clients. Really listen. After all, no one knows your business better than you do.


The whole Willow tree thing? It’s not an accident.

Chances are you’re pretty darn good at something. Maybe it’s breakdancing. Maybe it’s long division. Whatever it is, you probably enjoy doing it. That’s because most people love doing the things they have a natural talent for. No one knows your business better than you do.

And us? Well, we’re good at loving people, listening to them, solving their problems and sharing their stories. Usually, we do this with branding, marketing and amazing creative. We’ve got deep roots, a whole lotta tree rings and a broad and bending canopy that adapts to (and provides a little relief for) whomever finds their way into our neck of the woods.

When it comes to healthcare, member-based organizations and other related fields, it’s not just our profession, it’s our passion.


Marketing is our profession.
But super service is a serious hobby.

In a world where agencies often take an adversarial role to client service, we prefer to work as honest-to-goodness partners. After two decades in this business, we’ve found our approach just makes sense.

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves. Since 1992, we’ve helped a wide range of clients evolve and grow their organizations. In the process, we’ve done quite a bit of growing ourselves.

  • Own an iPhone

  • Native Hoosiers

  • Prefer beer to wine

  • Drink coffee



Full-service marketing: Best when provided by fully-committed people.


On the one hand, there are the services everyone talks about (you know, things like branding and public relations). On the other hand, there are the few, less celebrated services. Listening, for example. And caring. And appreciating that clients are smart people.

Here at Willow, we believe that one set of services isn’t much good without the other. It’s why we take the time to get to know our clients. To listen to their needs. To truly understand what makes them tick—and what will help them succeed.

Hall Render

Positioning leaders in health law since 2006

Brand Strategy/Development, Digital, PR/Media Relations, Print

Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority

Brand Strategy/Development, Design, Web/Mobile

College Mentors for Kids

Make a difference in the lives of kids who need it the most

Mail Unlimited

Brand Strategy/Development, Web/Mobile

Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

50th Birthday Party unveils celebration for new visual identity

Brand Strategy/Development, Digital, Print

Alpha Delta Pi

Making Engaging Online Easier for Members, Focused on the Pride

Brand Strategy/Development, Web/Mobile

Phi Psi Foundation

Steward donors with a potential for growing their giving level

Digital, Print

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Trucking agricultural education ahead

PR/Media Relations

Willow Marketing Video Highlights

Showcasing some of our favorite video productions!


National Association of Mutual Insurance...

Mutual branding for mutual values

Brand Strategy/Development, Print

Dayspring Center

Raise $30K in 30 Days

Brand Strategy/Development, Digital

Alpha Chi Omega

Real. Strong. Women. lead the way with digital brand strategy


Indiana AEYC

Fresh positioning for 50-year-old Caregiver brand's new generation of membership

Brand Strategy/Development, Digital, Print

Gabriel Group

When 'what' you do continues to change, brand why you do it.

Brand Strategy/Development, Digital

Goodwill Industries Foundation of Central...

The McClelland Scholars Program Capital Campaign

Design, Digital, Print

Indiana Blood Center

Individual & Corporate Donor Engagement

Brand Strategy/Development, Design, Print

Theta Chi Foundation

"One Purpose" endows Deranian Presidents Conference

Brand Strategy/Development, Print

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