Did you know there are four segments of members that exist in YOUR association right now?

When you identify the four segments within your membership and know who they are, you can create a marketing strategy and craft your communications to meet their unique needs. Willow Marketing is thrilled to present first-of-its-kind research in segmenting your audience by attitude. Learn how they perceive your organization, and craft custom messaging that works. 

Download our FREE attitudinal segmentation assets, including the full research whitepaper – titled “Understanding the Membership Decision” – and start learning more about your membership today.


Research Whitepaper: "Understanding the Membership Decision"

The full write up of our research project to better understand association member attitudes and choices. Dive into the data, learn about the segments, and implement actionable takeaways.


Executive Summary

Explore the theory, review the key findings, and discover actionable insights resulting from the 2020 Association Membership Survey.


Self-Segmentation Guide

Four steps to hosting your own self-audit of members to help you understand, segment, and better communicate with your audience.

Watch the Webinar

Want more? Check out the recording of our Zoom webinar. We take an in-depth look at the data, break down the numbers, uncover the four attitudinal segments you can find in your organization, and explore how you can use this information to strategize and implement winning communications.