About This Event

Social media management can be a full time job for your marketing team. All the social channels. All the posts. All the social engagement, following, retweeting, responding, sharing. But how do you know your time and efforts are resulting in ROI and impacting your goals?

Our team has some great knowledge to share to help make social media management not feel so overwhelming, and how to get the results you’re looking for.

Join us on November 30th as Willow’s Director of Content and Earned Media, Lauren Littlefield, Digital Account Manager, Dylan Stone, and a special guest discuss integrating your social content and paid social ads to drive results.


Learn what marketers SHOULD be doing, what they SHOULDN’T be doing, and some tips to improve your social results.



  • How to identify which social channels to invest your time in
  • How to build your social strategy based on your audiences and your organizational goals
  • How to develop a social media editorial content calendar
  • Ways to coordinate your content and paid campaigns
  • How to set-up and monitor a paid social campaign
  • Understand how to connect the dots back to conversions and traffic on your site


Whether you’re a social media guru or just scheduling a few posts a week, our Social Media – Using Integrated Content and Paid Campaigns to Drive Results Better U is for you!

About Willow Better U

Willow Better U is a series of free courses designed to give you the tools you need to better grow your organization. Topics will vary, but the goal is always the same. Practical advice and useful information you can take back to your team to start moving the needle on what really matters for your business. Get ready to get inspired with new ideas, strategies, and more! We'll keep you for no longer than an hour and a half.

What to Expect

Coffee! Let’s just start with that. We know not everybody is a morning person so we’ll provide a light breakfast and an easy to digest presentation. If you were expecting a fussy lecture, you’ve come to the wrong place, but we hope you’ll stick around. We’ll save some time for group discussion and Q & A, and then send you back out into the world a little wiser. All that in 60 minutes!

Who Should Attend

You should! That’s why we’re doing this. If the Better U topic is already on your radar (or your job description) and you’re looking to cut through the clutter of “best practices” and get right to the “how do I do this better practices”, this is for U. (See how we did that?) You don’t have to be a Willow client, you just have to register so we know that you’re coming. Bring a buddy if you want. We’re a friendly bunch.


Lauren Littlefield, Director of Content and Earned Media

Lauren leads the content and PR efforts for Willow, its clients,
and the occasional ’90s boy band sing-along with equal zeal. Her high energy and focus on the task at hand are put to good use, as she oversees client work and leads Willow’s public relations and content production efforts. When Lauren came to Willow, she brought 12 years of PR and marketing experience, her Hanover College alumni pennant, and a raucous laugh you can’t ignore.

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Dylan Stone, Digital Account Manager

When Dylan arrived at Willow,
we weren’t sure what was more electric—his hair or his outlook on life! Dylan got his start in marketing as a graphic designer and later helped start an agency in Chicago. Through business ownership, Dylan found a new passion for client service and success.

He now leads clients through digital projects, ranging from digital strategy to website development. He is Google Analytics certified and knows how to connect all the dots of digital campaigns back to what matters.

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