About This Event

Your people are your company’s greatest asset. They are the key to delivering a truly authentic brand experience. Ultimately, how can you expect customers to believe in you if your employees don’t?

Join us for a Willow Better U panel focused on marketing to this very important audience, internal stakeholders. Sue Richardson, our Vice President, is super passionate about this topic and is excited to facilitate a discussion with a group of our clients, partners and friends on the importance of internal marketing and creating an intentional culture.

We’ll discuss

  • How taking care of your top talent benefits the business

  • Creative ways to show your employees they are valued (outside of just paying them more)

  • How to create a culture strategy and why that’s important

  • How to create and utilize internal brand ambassadors

  • How to get started if you’re not happy with your current culture status and want to prioritize internal marketing

About Willow Better U

Willow Better U is a series of free courses designed to give you the tools you need to better grow your organization. Topics will vary, but the goal is always the same. Practical advice and useful information you can take back to your team to start moving the needle on what really matters for your business. Get ready to get inspired with new ideas, strategies, and more! We'll keep you for no longer than an hour and a half.

What to Expect

Coffee! Let’s just start with that. We know not everybody is a morning person so we’ll provide a light breakfast and an easy to digest presentation. If you were expecting a fussy lecture, you’ve come to the wrong place, but we hope you’ll stick around. We’ll save some time for group discussion and Q & A, and then send you back out into the world a little wiser. All that in 60 minutes!

Who Should Attend

You should! That’s why we’re doing this. If the Better U topic is already on your radar (or your job description) and you’re looking to cut through the clutter of “best practices” and get right to the “how do I do this better practices”, this is for U. (See how we did that?) You don’t have to be a Willow client, you just have to register so we know that you’re coming. Bring a buddy if you want. We’re a friendly bunch.


Sue Richardson, Vice President of Client Success

Something about Sue will remind you of your best friend. The one who speaks truth to you in that really sweet voice and then jumps right in to help you out of the trouble you created for yourself. If Sue weighs in on something, you can be sure that she’s weighed all the options, considered all the facts, and is bringing something helpful to the conversation. Her experience as a former project manager and account manager help her see what’s good for the client. Her degree in business administration helps her see what’s good for business.

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Matt Hunckler, CEO at Powderkeg®

Matt is the founder and CEO of Powderkeg, a digital community for tech entrepreneurs and professionals building innovative companies in tech hubs between the coasts. He is also the host of award-winning podcast Powderkeg: Igniting Startups, a show that shares the most fascinating stories of professional growth and innovation coming out of communities across America. Hunckler is also the author of “The Spark,” a hand-curated newsletter covering the tech news outside Silicon Valley you need to know.

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Jason Ells, Senior Vice President at Custom Concrete

Jason began his Custom Concrete career in high school as a part-time employee. Following graduation, he spent two years as a construction manager for a restoration company before returning to Custom Concrete ⎯ and has been with them ever since. He currently leads sales and business development operations as well as marketing, public relations, and employee engagement initiatives for the company.

Jason is actively involved with industry and community groups including CFA, BAGI and the Sheridan Youth Assistance Program. In 2018, he was appointed by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb to the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet.

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Mandy Haskett, Leadership Consultant at ADVISA

Mandy brings a creative energy to her clients to help them see themselves more clearly and in turn, improve the corporate world around them. Before joining ADVISA as a Leadership Consultant, Mandy led Strategy for a marketing firm, helping organizations discover and live out their truth by operating in culture, not category, and leveraging their brand differentiators. Equal parts creative thinker and research geek, she’s worked on some of the world’s biggest brands in her 15 years in the ad business—from JP Morgan Chase to Microsoft and Vh1.

As a leader, Mandy has always been passionate about making corporations more human, having built new departments, new cultural initiatives and developed creative applications for corporate values.

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Kyle Lacy, Vice President of Marketing at Lessonly

Kyle Lacy brings over 13 years of experience in marketing, strategy and digital operations. He is currently Vice President of Marketing at Lessonly. Prior to joining Lessonly, Kyle held senior positions at OpenView Venture Partners, Salesforce and ExactTarget. He is also the author of three books, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, Branding Yourself and Social CRM for Dummies.

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Angie Riegsecker, VP of Talent at Lev

Angie Riegsecker leads Lev’s Talent team as the VP, Talent, where she and her team cultivate the #LevLife employee experience through a variety of programs and strategies. With over 20 years of experience across all aspects of Talent/HR, Angie has gained global experience working within Salesforce, ExactTarget, and Appirio.

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