What defines your worth?

It's not your value, it's your values.

At Willow, we know that building a brand takes a lot of work, a lot of worry … and a lot of heart. That heart is what helps determine your brand (core) values. It’s what moves you and motivates you … what inspires and uplifts you … and it’s the reason you do what you do.

Settling on your company’s core values is a two-step process. Let’s take a look:


Reflect on moments in your professional life that have inspired you, and then consider the emotions you felt around these moments. Write down any key words that jump out as you think back on your proudest achievements. Finally, in determining what values define your brand, think about words that define what the brand is not. 


Time to bring your brand values to life! Look over your notes and identify key themes that emerge. Circle or highlight words that appear over and over, then narrow down to those that align with your brand’s persona. Finally, live your values. Share them with your team, and with the world. Don’t forget to recognize employees and customers who seek to embody those values.

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Ohh! Before we forget...

We want to share with you a little bit about our values at Willow. We kept it simple, straightforward, and easy to remember. Our pledge and our promise is … Ohh!
  • We choose to be open to new, big ideas, and open to perspectives different than our own.
  • We choose to be humble, because we feel hard-pressed to find genuine humility in this industry, and we believe it sets us apart. 
  • We choose to be helpful, because that is basically our sole reason for existing.
Selecting our brand values wasn’t an easy process, but we could immediately tell we’d made the right decision. How? Because we saw those values embraced and embodied immediately by every member of our staff. They lived it, and we loved it. Read more about our values here