National FFA Organization


Future Farmers of America (FFA) is a nationally recognized organization, consisting of nearly 670,000 student members. They provide students with hands-on experience in all things agriculture, preparing members for leadership and careers in all agriculture-related fields. This doesn’t just mean they’re creating future farmers; this means the FFA is cultivating future entrepreneurs, chemists, veterinarians, bankers, government officials, teachers, and professionals in many career fields.


Everybody knows FFA for their blue corduroy jackets with gold embroidery. But the big question was, “How do we refer members to the best FFA apparel to wear underneath the jacket?” Each year, FFA creates a catalog filled with apparel and all kinds of other FFA merchandise, for both FFA members and FFA supporters to purchase. They decided that they wanted to switch things up, so they asked us to help them revamp their annual catalog.

At the time, the national organization could be found on multiple different social media platforms. All of them were kept updated, but their goal was to increase consistency across these platforms. FFA wanted to drive sales to their online store, but they weren’t sure how to get started or how to measure their success. That’s where Willow stepped in!


Willow decided to use the annual catalog to tell the whole FFA story. The catalog was more than just selling clothes, it was showing members and alumni the vision of FFA and reinforcing their mission statement. This meant incorporating lifestyle photos and showcasing members proudly representing FFA.

Since FFA had a vision of optimizing their online store through social media, Willow decided to shift the focus to solely Instagram and really concentrate on one platform. By posting pictures of the featured products to Instagram, along with shout-outs and special features of the members who share their own #FFAstyle, Willow and ShopFFA were able to improve engagement and begin to organically increase followers. Willow helped them revamp a retail-specific social channel for on Instagram by updating imagery, descriptions, creating a regularly updated content calendar and by instituting the first-ever FFA Style Squad, a group of young men and women from across the country who embody FFA and have the social reach to maximize ShopFFA’s exposure. Each style squad member has a different coupon code that they can share with their followers, making it even more beneficial for FFA members to engage with ShopFFA as well as its Squad and the national organization on social media.

In the first year of managing FFA’s Instagram account, Willow aided in growing @shopFFA_’s audience by 230%. And we’re not done yet! More and more FFA members are getting actively involved with the style squad and getting excited about new ideas on how to wear their FFA letters with pride. Need some fashion inspo? Go ahead and take a peek at our work!