We’ll be sharing a monthly list of our favorite things – tools, resources, books, etc. that we find helpful in the ever-evolving and super cool world of marketing. This month we’re sharing a list of the email subscriptions we like. 

These are the emails that we read EVERY time they come in our inbox. We look forward to opening them (no, seriously!) They’re the ones we share the most amongst our team, or with our clients and friends. 

Why we love these email subscriptions:

  • The content is relevant and timely
  • It helps make us smarter, inspired, and better at our jobs
  • We can read them in 5 minutes or less
  • It’s customized to our interests – taking into account any preferences we’ve provided

We hope you find this list helpful and find a few you want to subscribe to! 

Got an idea for a “favorite things” topic you want to hear from our team on? Let me know!

If you are looking for something to keep you on top of the latest marketing trends …

  • Marketing Profs – thousands of marketing resources guaranteed to take your marketing game from good … to amazing.
  • Think with Google – newsletter from Google that gives you useful marketing insights from data projects that Google is running
  • The Daily Alert from Harvard Business Review – Links to all the digital articles published in the last 24 hours.
  • TheHustle – business and tech news in 5 minutes or less  
  • Morning Brew – 5 minute info you can use
  • Ad Age – 12 different newsletters you can choose from, our favorite is CMO Strategy delivered every Wednesday
  • Digital Doughnut – yummy news you can use related to the digital marketing landscape
  • HubSpot – Just in case you haven’t already been subscribed by downloading one of their case studies, they do serve up some great marketing content

If email marketing is your jam …

  • Litmus – Tips and tricks on email optimization, template designs that drive conversions and more
  • Campaign Monitor – Email marketing benchmarking data and tips to elevating email engagement

If you care more about words than pretty stuff …

If websites are more your fancy …

  • Dev Awesome – programming news, cool libraries, and productivity tips
  • UI Movement – UI inspiration for everything from landing pages to dashboards
  • UX Booth – Tons of UX resources, examples, and best practices

If you’re looking for something to inspire your creativity …

  • Invision – carefully curated articles on digital product design that you’ll want to devour until the very end (confirmed by multiple members of our team as the top newsletter on this list!)
  • TrendWatching Innovation of the Day – a daily case study featuring a business doing innovative, outside the box stuff 
  • Creative Mornings Global – creative shop talk, speakers, and pretty stuff
  • Communication Arts – a compilation of the hottest design, advertising and web projects around
  • Adobe & You – practical tips to enhance your knowledge and skills with the Adobe Creative Cloud tools
  • Smashing Magazine – an eclectic mix of design trends and design applied to various mediums. 
  • Dissolve – a premium stock photography and videography resource that pushes the boundaries of videography as we know it, providing special effect resources and fresh perspectives on stock photography. Their emails always include something visually alluring that delights the eyes and sparks inspiration. 
  • National Geographic – I mean, who isn’t inspired by amazing photography in their inbox?
  • Creativity at Work – philosophical insight and practical knowledge focused on feeding your design soul and creative mind.
  • I Am Mantra – uplifting, motivational messages to get your day off in the right direction

If you want one email served up on topics you care the most about …

  • Medium – A customizable reading experience, made just for you. You pick your favorite topics, writers, interests and a customized email is delivered up to you. This one has a small monthly fee of $5, but we think it’s worth it for the customization.

If you are part of an association …

ASAE’s Associations Now – keep up to date with the association landscape, with relevant articles covering research and the top issues in Leadership, Technology, Money & Business, Membership, and Meetings.

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Written by Kim Jones

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