One thing you’ll realize by the end of your internship journey here at Willow is that you were spoiled rotten. And here’s why:


  • Snacks. You’ll realize soon that everyone at Willow loves their snacks, and they are taken seriously. So don’t forget to restock the snack bin whenever you see it getting low!
  • Beer. Have you seen that insane beer fridge!? One of the most looked forward to moments is every week around 2 p.m on Fridays, when most people grab a cold one. 
  • The best people EVER work here. Willow is filled with the most humble and helpful people. They really live by their values! It won’t take long for you to feel right at home.
  • Opportunity to learn. The work you’ll do is challenging at times, but you’re going to learn so much … which you won’t be able to learn in a classroom. Get ready for your brain to fill up with knowledge!
  • Great clients. Willow’s clients really respect and trust what we do here. Focus on knowing the “why” with every project you have and you’ll be able to give 100% on everything you do. 
  • Dog-friendly office. I hope you’re blessed with being able to see Zak, Brad’s loyal companion or any of the other furry friends running around the office. 
  • Willow Wednesdays. What a great time to share accomplishments, goals, and food with everyone!
  • Kickball. If you’re lucky enough to be a summer intern, you’ll have the chance to play on the Agency League Kickball Team! 

The list goes on and seems to be never-ending.


You don’t know it yet, but you’re about to have the experience of a lifetime if you allow it.

It’s hard work, but it’s also so much fun! Take every opportunity you have to get the best out of this opportunity: Calendar stalk, jump in on meetings, ask questions, get to know your co-workers and try to never say no. Remember small things matter! Everything you do is going to help your co-workers get items off of their huge to-do lists. This internship really demonstrates what it means to be at Willow, which is to be helpful.


But, don’t take it for granted. Although Willow has tons of perks to offer, this internship is what YOU make of it. Soak up every little thing you can learn. Embrace your inner curiosity and ask questions! No one at Willow bites. Not even the dogs, I promise.


Are you looking for an internship opportunity? We’re always on the lookout for our next intern! Take a look at our careers page to learn more and be sure to tell us all about you.

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