There’s only one thing Veronica Salsbery loves more than numbers, and that’s family. Which is really saying something, because her affinity for pristine balance sheets and business reports exceeds even what you’d typically expect from a controller. It also explains why she fits in so well at Willow.

“It’s a family atmosphere,” explains Veronica. “The people here at Willow truly care about each other. We’re like family and that compassion extends to our customers.”

And that’s how a financial guru who worked in the paper industry for 20 years ends up working for a marketing agency teeming with right-brain creatives. (We’re pretty sure that previous job wasn’t at Dunder Mifflin, but you never know.) In a paradoxical way, it’s really the perfect match. Veronica gets to do what she does best in an environment where she feels at home and we get a top-notch controller that never misses even the tiniest detail who we all dearly love. The fact that our specialties remain mysterious and amazing to one another is no matter because it’s the team effort and the end results that matter.

Let’s talk a little bit about that magic that Veronica works on – the left-brain side of Willow Marketing. An early bird by nature who’s almost always the first one in the office, a typical day for her can involve anything from basic bookkeeping and vendor invoices to business reports and balance sheets. It’s all done on time with uncompromising precision thanks to her uncanny attention to detail and remarkable knack for multi-tasking.

But her excellent work is more than just accurate and reliable, it’s also personal. Back to that quote about the Willow family’s compassion for one another extending to our customers. When you have business dealings with Veronica, you can also be certain that those transactions will be handled with a thoughtful intention that reminds our clients why they work with Willow.

It’s at the heart of why we’re so grateful that Veronica focuses 40+ hours of her week to making Willow better for our clients. That’s time she could be spending with her family in Brownsburg, after all–including her beloved grandbabies and adorable German Shepherd. Thanks for sharing Veronica with us, guys. We really appreciate it.


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Written by Kim Jones

“Willow has been in my life for a long time. I’m excited about the future—where we’re heading—and I’m excited to lead the way.”